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The carrier reserves the right to refuse carriage to a passenger for failure to comply with the above requirements.

These rules apply to entry into the country, that is they apply to passengers with tickets for Russia-Germany-Russia, with visas issued by a consulate of a country other than Germany and who do not have a proof of transit through Germany.

Passengers must comply with the requirements relating to passport, customs, foreign currency, sanitary, quarantine and other formalities.

In the event of non-compliance with these rules, Aeroflot has the right to terminate unilaterally the air carriage agreement (article 107 of para. Important information Information for passengers flying from the international VIP-lounge of Sheremetyevo terminal D Since July 1, 2015 the Russian border service no longer conducts border control procedures in the VIP-lounges of international airports.

To enter the Republic of Cyprus, Russian and Ukrainian nationals only need a valid passport, a Cypriot visa or pro-visa (single-entry), which may be obtained from the website of the Embassy at:

Nationals of third countries with valid C-type double-entry or multiple-entry Schengen visas may enter and stay in the Republic of Cyprus without a national visa for a period equal to the remainder of the duration of stay provided by their Schengen visa, but no longer than the validity period of this visa.

Learn more: For Russian nationals: If the airport of arrival differs from the airport of departure within the same Russian city, or if the transfer is between terminals B, C and terminals D, E, F of Sheremetyevo airport, a Russian transit visa is required.

Amendments to the requirements regarding entering European countries came into effect July 19, 2013.

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In accordance with article 6 of the Federal Law "On the procedure for exiting the Russian Federation and entering the Russian Federation", the air carrier is responsible for checking that passengers have valid documents for entering the country of destination.

However, if the German federal police discover at border control that the actual goal of the trip is not to visit the country which issued the visa, but to visit Germany, the visitor may be refused entrance, as he/she should have been applied for a visa at a German representation. Visitors with a multiple-entry visa must first enter the country which issued the visa.