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So I was really surprised and delighted." Dominique is the first of Phil and Geraldine Coulter's four daughters to get married. "He's going to have to write a musical by the end of it," Paul deadpans.

The couple first met through Phil, when Paul was 21 and Dominique just 15.

"My sister got married there, my niece and nephew were christened there, my father's funeral mass was there.

The church has a lot of meaning for us," explains Paul.

So, given that Paul is an established singer, currently gaining steady success in the States as a solo artist, where his recent album This Is The Moment went to number one in the World Billboard charts, and Dominique is the daughter of Phil Coulter, presumably music is going to feature heavily. Although Paul concedes that he might not be able to resist "a bit of Delilah at 3am ..."I was a 21-year-old boy who worked in a sweet shop on Harcourt Street and I got a call one day to see would I perform with Phil on a cruise in the Caribbean." Was that an intimidating prospect? People who have legendary status, their reputations proceed them, sometimes unfairly. But from the moment I met him, he was very encouraging and supportive." With Phil on the cruise were his family. "I hadn't noticed him," she says – Paul chips in "I was a gangly streak of misery back then. " And Dominique elaborates a little: "I was very quiet then.I remember one day, we all went to the beach, and Paul came with us, I didn't talk to him once.After that, it's Rathsallagh House, with roughly 150 friends and family.

"Some of these things tend to be a bit of a circus," says Paul disapprovingly."I had a career here, I was doing quite well, I had a profile. Before, we were boyfriend and girlfriend, then we went to New York, and suddenly it was us against the world." But it wasn't an entirely painless transition.